19 June | 2021 @ 6pm


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virtual lantern parade 2020

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Like so many other events across the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lismore Lantern Parade had to re-imagine the annual event which was to be held on Saturday 20 June .  We hope that the pandemic will soon ease up and we can all come together to celebrate in 2021.


This is what we did in 2020!

To light'n the hearts of our lanterneers, dear friends, community, family and friends afar we produced  a virtual lantern parade (social distancing of course) which was held on Saturday 20 June 2020!

We asked our friends and family to decorate an old or new lantern, take a pic and send it to us by email or upload it to their social media account , we added images of some of our fabulous feature lanterns and created a wonderful montage procession which we launched in June.


On the night we installed some of our favourite lanterns throughout the Lismore CBD and the delightful Faerie Nixie took viewers on a magical live streamed virtual adventure to meet the lanterns (photos to come)

As we sat in the Lismore CBD our Zoom Party linked people across the WHOLE WORLD with people dropping in from the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand as well as from all over Australia, it was amazing!

As well as gently walking around the block in the heart of Lismore, everyone across the globe was invited to display their decorated lantern in their garden, front yard, window or shop front and play music, bang drums or sing to your hearts content to celebrate a brighter future together as we lived through this terrible time.


Whole streets and neighbourhoods of lanterns danced with hope and joy as we light'ned hearts across the world - it was wonderful!

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