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Join us in celebrating the Lismore Lantern Parade's 25th Anniversary by acknowledging the very first Lismore Lantern Parade that was held in 1994 on the river. On Sunday 23 June at 5.30pm we are aiming to head back to the river at the Rowing Club in Magellan Street and with a flotilla of rowing boats, kayaks and canoes carrying small LED lit lanterns we intend to float along the river from Ballina Bridge Boat Ramp and Riverside Park to Fawcett and Coleman Bridges and back again. The community can view the 'River of Light' from various public spaces along the route from Riverside Park, Rowing Club Car Park and The Stocks between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Please note that we are awaiting final approval of this event by Lismore City Council.


In year's gone by the first Lantern Parades would assemble at and returned to the Rowing Club Car Park on Magellan Street and on the banks of the Wilson River. We floated lanterns, had bonfires and fireworks from a pontoon. After a few years the event moved to Riverside Park, with a strong focus on the river and dozens of little diamond lanterns strung from the Ballina Street Bridge. Since 1994 we had many events on the river, after dark. With several years of adverse weather events and floods along the riverbank, it took its toll on the Lantern Parade finale and we decided to move to Oakes Oval for the Fiery Finale event. In 2018 with renovations taking place at Oakes we moved to the Lismore Quad, which is where it will again be held in 2019.


If you are an experienced paddler we would love for you to be involved. Please complete the registration form below for single paddlers and paddlers with two or more in craft.

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