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2020 sees the Lismore Lantern Parade celebrate 26 years of bringing light to the heart of the city, last year thousands and thousands of people lined the streets and cheered the parade as it danced along. What a wonderful night!

We love the participation of local pre-schools and childcare centres, it is a special moment in the young lives of the youngest children in our community, when they can proudly walk along in front of thousands of happy faces carrying the bee-autiful lantern they decorated themselves.


LightnUp Inc, producers of the Lantern Parade have created a special program for the pre-school children. We construct simple pyramid shaped lanterns and deliver them to the centre, along with lots of pre-cut shapes reflecting our festival theme. We also provide glue and sponges and instructions for decorating the lanterns. For the best outcomes we recommend that Educators work with small groups of two or three children to decorate the lanterns.


This year we are creating smaller lanterns for the little ones to carry, making the parade much easier. All the lanterns now have simple reusable LED 'candle' to make them safe, yet still very effective.


Of course, there are lots of other ways to participate in the parade and festival itself, such as running a fundraising stall at the market, or providing activities in the KidsArtFest. The Library will set up exhibitions of school students' stories, poems or artwork. Make up a percussion band to walk in the parade, or perform in the Fiery Finale!  You are really only limited by your imagination. Send us an email and let us know what you want to do.


Every year it seems we have to change something - flooded parklands, renovated sports fields, always something. We love the challenge of change it keeps us all on our toes. And this year is no different, and we are very excited. The Fiery Finale will be returning to its long-time home down by the river in Riverside Park, which means the parade will start in the heart of the city near the Quad in Harold Fredericks Car Park and wend its colourful way down to the riverside.


In order to keep the lantern parade viable, and pay our bills, the park will be fenced, and we will have a small charge for people to enter and watch the Finale. If you have purchased a lantern you will receive two wristbands providing the lantern maker and one adult FREE entry into the park for the Finale. Extra wristbands (at a discounted price) can be ordered closer to the parade through your centre. General entry will be available online from late April.


Book your lantern delivery now.


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