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Image: Photography by Natsky

whats on

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saturday 19 june 2021, 11am to 9pm

19 June, 11am-9pm
The Long Shed
14 November, 12pm
Heartbeats Stage @ The Quad
14 November, 11am-9pm
Fredericks Car Park
14 November
Lismore CBD
14 November, 11am-9pm
The Quad + Fredericks Car Park
14 November, 10am-2pm
Lismore CBD
19 June 11am - 4.30pm
Lismore Showground
19 June 11am-9pm
Lismore Showground
14 November, 7.30pm-10pm
Rural St, Lismore
14 November, 5.30pm-6.30pm
Lismore CBD
14 November, 11am-3pm
The Quad, Rural St, Lismore
19 June time tbc
Lismore Showground
14 November, 2pm-4pm
The Quad
14 November, 5pm-9pm
Lismore Library
14 November, 6.30pm-7pm
Riverside Park
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