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Accessibility Information - Lismore Lantern Parade 2024


This year we are trialling a new accessible viewing space for people with disability who are otherwise unable to access the grassed areas of Riverside Park. The space is approximately 10 x 12metres and is located at the town end of the car park at the top of Riverside Park. Bookings are essential for the space and can be done via the link or QR code below

Accessibility QR code.png

The space has limited seating and there are 10 places for wheelchair users, 20 regular seats will be provided and there will be standing room for 20 people at the back of the area. Only those with tickets will be able to enter the space. The accessible viewing space will directly face a large screen which will show the events of the main stage of the Fiery Finale. Please note that you can’t directly view the main stage from the accessible space, it is only the screen. We are unable to provide captioning on the screen. An Auslan interpreter will be signing next to the screen.A vehicle drop off point is located approx. 50 metres from the accessible space. It is drop off only for those with tickets to the accessible space. All drop offs need to be before 5.45pm or after 6.30pm. People in the parade or walking behind the parade can access the area by turning right into the car park instead of going onto the grassy area of Riverside Park.

ACCESSIBLE TOILETS - Riverside Park, Carpark

There is an accessible toilet located in the car park area of Riverside Park. The bathroom space is large and equipped with grab rails behind and on one side of the toilet. The toilet is of standard height and has no back cistern. A cold-water basin is available with a round tap handle. The door opens outwards and is quite heavy. The outside of the door has a round handle and on the inside there is a lever handle. There is no adult or child change table facilities. The toilets will be open and do not have a MLAK key entry.Other accessible toilets can be found at Lismore Central – 44 Carrington St.


Two Auslan interpreters will be at the Fiery Finale. One at the side of the main stage and the other beside the screen in the Accessible Viewing Space in the car park.The Accessible Viewing Space is ticketed, however it would be possible to still view the Auslan interpreter from the grassed area behind the Accessible Viewing Space.


There will be fireworks display as part of the Fiery Finale between 6.30pm-7.30pm and a cultural burn. Whilst the fireworks are low-key they are still loud, bright and smokey.There will be large crowds watching the parade and the Fiery Finale, personal space will be limited, and it will be noisy and busy.There are no designed sensory tents or spaces planned for 2024.


We are trying to improve the accessibility of the Parade and The Fiery Finale so that it is suitable for everyone. We welcome your feedback regarding what has worked well and what can be improved for next year. Please email or call 02 6622 6333

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