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Image: Photography by Natsky

The Parade

Where is the lantern parade?

The lantern parade will walk around the Showground Main Arena.

• GENERAL ADMISSION ticket holders can gather around the outside of the arena, there

are some simple bleachers on a first come first seated basis.

Please remember social distancing.

• GRANDSTAND ticket holders - after spending a great day in the festival, you make your

way to the Grandstand you have booked - A (chairs), B (concrete benches, bring a

cushion & blanket) and C the Mini Grandstand (also concrete, no roof bring cushion


Make your way to your seat, there are only seat reservations for Bus Groups.
You will have a great view!

  • PARADE PARTICIPANTS & Official Marshalls assemble in the area behind the Main Arena. You will have received a wristband which entitles you to entry to the parade assembly area. Head for the Assembly area at 4.30pm. Parade departs at 5.30pm sharp. You should have received information on the process, if you haven't call Virginia on 0429990671
• Family members who do not want to walk in the parade may find a spot in the Lanterneers' Reserved Area. There will be a few bleachers and chairs provided. PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER SOCIAL DISTANCING and little people who need to see too.
  • Families reunite at this point.
• Some lanterns will come out into the Showground area for for display and a selfie moment.
  • The Fiery Finale will follow the parade and there will be a reserved area for parade participants. Please be thoughtful of small children and sit down so everyone can see.
• There will be a large screen in the arena to see the Finale. (We hope)

Is there a lantern parade route available?

Yes, it is contained within the Showground Main Arena, there is a map outlining the parade route on the Festival Site Map.

Can I participate in the parade?

Yes, you can participate in the parade. Simple lanterns to decorate will be on sale ($15 each) at the in the Lantern Decorating Area.

This workshop space will run from 11am-4pm, or until we run out of lanterns! So make sure you get in early to avoid any disappointment. Once the lanterns are decorated you can join the Parade for assembly ibehind the Main Arena by 5pm for the parade, which leaves at 5.30pm your Group will be identified as General Public.

Purchasing one lantern entitles the decorator and one adult to join the parade.

Can I join the parade without a lantern?

NO, sorry you must be a registered lantern carrier or a supervising adult.

Can I bring my own lantern?

NO, sorry. You can make your own lantern as part of the KidsArtFest, a LightnUp workshop or Community Lantern Project. Our Public Liability Insurance and COVID Health Orders requires that ALL lanterns must be
 approved by the Lantern Parade organisers prior to the parade and REGISTERED prior to the festival.

Where is the best place to watch the parade?

In the Grandstands of course, but otherwise find a spot around the perimiter, remember your SOCIAL DISTANCING and allow little people to see.

There will be some bleachers on a first come first seated basis - be kind, be safe.

What time does it start and finish?


The day's activities commence at 11am at the Lismore Showground, Dunoon Road.

All activities are in the Showground at no extra charge, except Lantern Decorating, and some workshops.

The Program is on the Lismore Lantern Parade website <what's></what's>

The parade starts at 5.30pm in the Main arena

The finale will start at 6.45ish and finish at approximately 7.30pm.

The Heartbeats Festival Stage, Market deLight and other events continue until 9.00pm

Is there a charge to watch the lantern parade?

Your General Admission or Grandstand ticket gives you access to watch the parade and fiery finale and the regenEXPO and everything else at the festival!

Fiery Finale

What should I bring to the lantern parade finale?

Blankets, tarps or camp chairs to sit on the grass or concrete benches.

Bring warm clothes as it can get cold!

Remember to come early and enjoy the day there is so much to do .... it is an all day festival starting at 11am.

The Gates could get congested, it would be a shame to miss the finale.

Will there be Fireworks?

Yes, there will be a fireworks display within the Main Arena as a part of the Fiery Finale between 6.30pm – 7.15pm approximately.

We will aim to keep the loud reports to the minimum, if at all.

However, please keep your beloved pets indoors or a secure area, so they don’t get spooked.

Where will the Fiery Finale take place?

In the Showgrounds Main Arena


Will there be food available for sale?

Yes, Lismore has many fabulous local food vendors who will be set up in the Market deLight, once you have entered the Showgrounds you have access to everything .

How can I be involved?

We have run lots of workshops and opportunities to participate over the last few months, however, these activities have now closed. The Lantern Parade does need volunteers to help set up the festival from now on, and of course pack down too! Check out 'be involved'

Do you have a Festival Site map?

Yes, the Festival Site Map is available on the website here

Do you have a Parade Route Map?

This year the Lantern Parade will be held within the Main Arena at the Lismore Showgrounds.

Will the parade be on if it is raining on the day?

The Lantern Parade will go ahead unless there is torrential rain. Organisers will review the weather conditions and determine whether or not the parade will proceed at approximately 2pm on 19 June 2021. If you are unsure you can return to this website for an update.

Will there be any road closures on the day?

The only road closure will be the 'road reserve' next to the Showgrounds.

There will be parking restrictions along Alexandra Parade and Dunoon Road.

Please respect the local residents and do not park in front of their driveways.

Where can I park?

There is ample FREE parking within the Showgrounds.

ENTRY is off Dunnoon Road, please take care entering and leaving the Showgrounds.

Our Traffic Management Plan does not permit parking on the roadside along Alexandra Parade and Dunoon Road.

Try and Carpool to reduce the number of vehicles in the area.

Local SES members will assist you.

Do I have to pay to enter anywhere else in the Showgrounds?

No, your General Entry Ticket gives you access to ALL areas of the Festival except the Back Stage Performers Area and the Grandstands A, B & C. (They require specific Grandstand Tickets) Grandstand tickets INCLUDE General Entry. The REGEN Expo is a part of the festival and there is no charge to go and see the cutting edge organisations and businesses exhibiting there. Some activities do have a charge - Lantern Decorating $15 per lantern; the Wicking Bucket Workshop $20 (includes all materials) and the Jumping Castles.

What about buses?

Buses should contact the Lantern Parade to arrange special parking area permit Buses can drop their passengers off just INSIDE the main gate off Alexandra Parade and park behind the Farmers' Market Shed, follow the signs. Enter the Festival via Gates 1 or 2

Do I have to pay to see the REGENexpo and Hivemind?

No, entry to the REGENexpo and Hivemind is FREE.

Can I leave the festival and come back in again?

YES, you can get a pass out/wristband from the gate as you leave. Make sure you are wearing your writband/s when you return.

Accessible Facilities

Are there Accessible Facilities?

There will be disabled parking through the front gate off Alexander Parade from 11.30am.

in the Farmers Market area to the LEFT, please be aware of the stall holders who may still be packing up.

We have an area for people with accessibility needs, go up the ramp in front of the Shpwground Office in front of the regenExpo, please contact the Lantern Parde if you require a seat.

There are Accessible toilets available at the Showgrounds near Gate 3 (see Festival site map)

Dine and Discover Vouchers

Can I use my Dine & Discover Vouchers to buy tickets to the Festival?

YES, for pre-purchase tickets only. Visit Music Bizarre on Magellan Street, Lismore or Curious Kookaburra on Keen Street. You need to get your Voucher before you buy your ticket, and pay cash for ticket fees (about $2 usually) or excess amounts eg 2 x $15 tickets + $30.00 Voucher $25 plus $5 cash and $2 ticket fee (not our fee) Complicated isn't it!! Sorry.

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